Must Read

Must read, Before the First Shots are Fired by Gen Anthony Zinni Clearest understanding of Middle East I’ve ever seen. Tweet


Question. Why haven’t wealthy Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar etc taken a more active role in getting ISIS under control? What ISIS is doing will have a major negative impact on these countries. We need to see some real Arab leaders step foward and demonstrate what needs to be done.  Tweet

Death Letter, God, Sex and War by David Peters

Review I posted on Amazon. Just finished this minute after reading in less than 24 hours. I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve read, and amazed that David Peters courage to publish this. It opens an insight into what you go thru when experiencing and returning from war that almost no one has been able to properly…

A Life of Elegant Solutions, Charlie Thornton

A must read for those in the industry.  If you really want an insight into how to grow a successful business in the engineering, construction industry, you must read this. There is no better guide for how to find, culture and grow clients, and have fun doing it. While making the clients happy. Charlie is…

New Commandant selected. Gen Amos will be missed, really cared for the troops. Tweet