Rethinking Viet Nam.

In the 60’s and 70’s I primarily dealt with Viet Nam by shutting it out of my mind. I did this since no one else was interested in talking about the war, or had a litany of reasons why we/ they should,’t be there. A great wife and son really helped and getting super/over absorbed in work also¬†helped. And for the most part I kept that door closed although memories would flash thru daily.

As I got involved in mentoring wounded over 12 years ago at Walter Reed and Bethesda NNMC, I , without realizing it, began to slowly open that door. And I discovered memories I’d completely hidden away, and they weren’t all great. And when I talk to my buddies from Viet Nam, I realize virtually everyone did the same thing, and not necessarily successfully.

I read a letter to the NY Times today from a Marine officer finally getting help for this from the VA and going thru therapy. The treatment sounded worse than the cause of the problem.

There has to be better ways to deal with this.

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