Visiting Walter Reed and Bethesda NNMC for last 12 years.

It’s 12 years this week that I made my first visit, remember I was a Marine Liaison at St Albans Naval Hospital in NYC in 1967 when I returned from Viet Nam, and my best guess is now over 2000 visits. And I have learned something on every visit, something I did not know or never thought of just listening to the wounded and their families. These men and women are incredible, forget about WWII vets being the greatest generation, these are without a doubt.

I’ve been fortunate to see and be exposed to courage and fortitude and grit at levels I never expected. Amazing.

And the staff and volunteers who helped in every conceivable way can not be thanked enough. They are above and beyond.

Yoo bad most Americans don’t get to meet and know these incredible young people.