From” Mekong Mud Dogs”, worth reading

PTSD was and is nothing more for me than losing hope with mankind and thusly not giving a shit within. The reality of how low man will go to get his way and mistreat his own while attaining that goal breaks ones heart. Your concept of mankind takes a huge hit. You are raised to believe in your country, your fellow man, freedom and liberty and then; the reality of your own country fucking you over (i.e. Johnson stopping the bombing and causing U.S. casualties) while you’re in combat to preserve those ideals rips you a little harder. Then the compounding reality of being treated like shit once home, really hits double hard. And even worse; they put you down lower than the draft evader and draft Dodger. Your local VA Hospital treats you like you’re a con man asking for food stamps you don’t deserve. Many VFW clubs wouldn’t allow you to join because you came from a “Police Action” and not a “Foreign War”. Go figure as they say?