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The Best Defense Yes, Marcus. They did die in vain. BY THOMAS E. RICKS JANUARY 15, 2014 – 10:29 AM By Jim Gourley; ¬†Best Defense bureau of the military and American culture “We spend our whole lives training to defend this country, and then we were sent over there by this country, and you’re telling…

Thoughts on TBI.

A Thought. The more I meet and spend time with wounded vets with TBI, the more I’m convinced that the thought process inside is mostly working, but it is very hard to verbalize the thoughts. Getting focused on taking a hobby or something you are interested in and starting a small business can be very…

Article from Marine Corps Gazette

Hien Tran I am posting an article today that is written by one of my mentors, Mr. Bob Nilsson. A retired Marine Captain and former Turner International Construction President, now spends most of his days assisting and help Wounded Veterans at Walter Reed in Bethesda. This article is great just in time for Veterans Day.…

General Amos, USMC

The Commandant, General Amos, USMC, will be retiring shortly. He has been, along with his wife Bonnie, one of most caring and helpful senior military leaders in the past 12 years in terms of taking care of wounded and their families. All branches of service! Thank You Tweet

A major concern.

Am really concerned that most of America seems to think the war’s are over and the wounded are all healed and returned to normal life. Nothing could be further from the truth. They continue to need help and your support. Tweet

Must Read

Must read, Before the First Shots are Fired by Gen¬†Anthony Zinni Clearest understanding of Middle East I’ve ever seen. Tweet